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Garden Tools Professional Farming Pruning Shears Grafting Scissor Fruit Tree Vaccination Secateurs Pruning Cutting Knife

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    Color :black

    Material: Stainless steel+ABS

    Weight: about 380g




    1: Rootstocks and scions are easy to pair with U-cut or Omega-cut for quick healing

    2: It is convenient and quick to use. Grafting method saves compared to traditional

    3: Save time and effort, the blade can be replaced

    4: Use pruning shears to cut off useless branches of the plant

    5: High quality spring

    6: High quality blade

    7: High quality nylon handle

    8: Garden fruit tree pruning shears grafting cutting tool set, fast cutting speed, can improve the working speed.


    Step 1: Hold the grafting rootstock in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to cut, repeat this step to cut the stem from the donor plant. Take care to make sure the grooves are cut in the stock equipment.

    Step 2: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surface as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plants are different sizes, match only on the sides.

    Step 3: Place sanitizing material around the joint and secure with tape, the sanitizing material will protect against germs and weather conditions.

    Step 4: Use pruning shears to cut useless branches from the plant.



    Package includes:

    1*Grafting scissors

    1. Repair the scissors
    2. Replace the blade
    3. Grafting knife holder
    4. High quality spring
    5. Security lock
    6. Non-slip handle

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